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Youths encouraged to make good use of government resources

KNA  With the establishment of the first film hub in Bomet by the Kenya Film Commission (KFC), the only one of its kind in the Lake Region Economic Bloc, youths have been encouraged to utilize the resource centre to make a living out of it.


The State-of-Art hub was established in partnership with the Kenya Film Commission an agency under the Ministry of ICT and Bomet County to empower youths from the region.


Bomet Governor, Dr Hillary Barchok, challenged youths from the area to emulate big names from Kenya in the film industry and put in use the resource center. 


“Today we have moved a milestone ahead after realizing what only seemed to be a dream to many of us. With this film hub here, I am challenging youths from around to come with creative content that can be produced here free of charge and marketed by KFC,” said the Governor.


“Big names in the Hollywood industry like Lupita Nyong’o and the rest started from the lowest point before turning their names into brands around the world,” added Barchok.


Equipped with modern film-creating technology and equipment, the hub has a complete sound recording studio.


KFC also installed a full set-up of editing soft wares and a green chip screen for content creation and background manipulation.


During the launch of the hub at Emkwen center, Kenya Film Commission Chief Executive, Mr Timothy Owase, urged the youth to be creative and make good use of the hub


“We are urging our youths to come up with consumable content, which we can provide markets for them, our mandate is to provide avenues for their work to be utilized,” explained Mr Owase.



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