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Youth use plays to create awareness on COVID-19

A youth group is using plays to educate the society about coronavirus disease in the Tana River County.            

The talent Warriors theatre group was started in 2009 and is made up of talented youth who are using their acting prowess to pass COVID-19 messages.           

The group members contribute every week since they are not funded by any organization.

They saw the outbreak of Covid-19 as an opportune moment for them to contribute positively in awareness creation through plays.            

Salim Kalime, chairman of the group, said they initially used to stage live performances in the villages as a way of creating awareness of the novel disease.    

Lack of finances held back the group in their mission to reach the nook and cranny of the expansive county. They only managed to visit 20 villages and ten schools in Galole constituency.     


A snapshot of the Chanjo play series taken from youtube

Kalime said, “due to lack of finances, we could not proceed with our live performance and we opted to record our plays and upload them in the various social media channels.”           

The group has a printing business whereby they used to design face masks and made soaps which they freely distribute in the villages.           

“As we were educating them on how to wear face masks, hand washing, social distancing and all Covid-19, we also distributed freely for them to put into practice what we taught.’’            

The group went to the drawing board and came up with a YouTube play series christened chanjo series. The efficacious play shows the suffering families undergo in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.              

Tana River has more than 300 confirmed cases of Covid-19 according to data from the Ministry of Health. So far 817 people are fully vaccinated in the county against the target population of 151,051 people.

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