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Youth leaders from central region want to be actively involved in political parties’ activities

KNA    A section of youth leaders from the larger Mount Kenya region have expressed their concerns over what they termed as being disregarded by major political parties.

Speaking during a youth conference in Murang’a on Saturday, the young people led by the president of the Mt. Kenya Youth Association, Joseph Guchui, said they are tired of being ignored by political parties and urged all parties in the country to actively involve them in politics.

“The youth in this country make up the majority of the population but they are not equally represented in parliament and this is unacceptable,” said Guchui.

The youth coordinator, Maina Kamunya, also expressed similar concerns saying that the youth in the region were feeling neglected by the existing political parties

Kamunya argued that the way a party relates with the youth now will significantly affect the party’s position in next year’s general election.

According to Kamunya, the youth’s agenda has been left out for a long time where a big percentage of young people in the country are now jobless, adding that for this reason the young people must be included in the formation of the next government.

“There are over 70 political parties and they do not actively endorse young people for elective seats,” observed Kamunya.

            The young leaders said that they plan to start awareness camoagns to salvage young people from alcohol abuse and use of illegal substances and help them become productive members of the society.

Ms. Emma Njoki, speaking during the event, raised concerns that alcoholism was a major challenge in the region and immediate concerted efforts were required to save the youth.

“Elected leaders should come together and come up with a plan to save the youth from alcoholism and create awareness against substance abuse,” she said.

Njoki also challenged young women interested in politics to come out and vie for the posts and not just wait to be allocated the seats.

The youth were also cautioned against voting for leaders with questionable integrity because their choice of leaders will directly affect the quality of their lives.

“It is time we elect leaders who are going to represent us well,” Muriuki wa Rete said adding that in 2022 the youth are going to elect leaders of integrity.



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