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Youth lauded for maintaining peace

KNA   Youth in the volatile Nkararo area in Trans Mara West Sub County have been lauded for their effort in maintaining peace in the area that has been prone to skirmishes in the past.

Speaking to the press today, the Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki said the youth have been working closely with the police and authorities to maintain peace and order in the land.

“I commend youth in Nkararo area for standing their ground to maintain peace on their land. In most cases, we see youth being lured to violence by selfish leaders. I am happy that the young people have chosen to maintain peace,” Commissioner Achoki said.

The commissioner promised to continue talking to the young people to give them hope and help build their talent so that they can become responsible citizens.

He called on the youth in the county to remain peaceful before, during and after the electioneering season asking them to shun politicians who will incite them into war.

His sentiments come only a day after the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs held a two-day forum with 40 youth drawn from the South Rift Region to popularize the Kenya Ni Mimi (KNM) initiative.

“We will continue engaging the youth on matters involving them like drug abuse and how to be innovative because we want to build a responsible population,” reiterated Achoki.

He said his department is working with the department of sports to organize football marches on the land in a bid to create cohesion among the residents who live in the area.

Nkararo land has hit the headlines in the past for the on and off clashes that is traced back to the year 1950s where two Maasai clans, Siria and Uasin Gishu have been battling over land boundaries.

In April last year, the state was forced to impose a 4 pm to 7 am curfew after a series of killings in the area and tens of people having been injured in on and off clashes.

This led to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to camp in the area to try to bring peace between the two clans.

In May this year, the government issued 1273 title deeds in the 15, 000-square kilometer piece of land to help ease tension on the land.



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