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Wildlife invade farms and destroy crops in Kajiado

Residents of Naserian Village in Kajiado are counting massive losses from destruction of their crops by wildlife straying from the neighbouring Ngong hills.

Residents lamented they are not able to harvest any produce because wild animals especially pigs from Ngong hills invaded their farms at night and wiped out their maize and potato crops.

One of them, Jane Wamaitha lamented they rely entirely on their crops for survival and the wildlife encroachment had exposed them to famine.

One of the farms in Naserian Village which was invaded by wild animals

“Our biggest challenge here is wildlife invasion. We depend on our crops for livelihood and yet we are not able to harvest anything because of wild pigs which stray to our farms and destroy crops,” said Wamaitha.

The residents claim that sometimes back, they would light fires at night to scare away the wild pigs, but the method no longer works.

To safeguard their crops from animals, they said they spend the night in the cold keeping vigil.

Joseph Sorimpian, a village elder said that the encroachment has been ongoing for years without help from line authorities.

“Wild animals have been encroaching our farms every year forcing people to go hungry. We have tried to contact the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) but to date there has been no tangible solution and the problem persists,’’ he said.

He said the menace has persisted for over 20 years since the removal of the fence that separated Ngong hills from the village and called for fencing of the boundary between Ngong hills and the village to keep wildlife at bay.

They said buffaloes and hyenas have also been straying onto homesteads threatening their lives.

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