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West Pokot Speaker guns for Woman MP 

West Pokot County Speaker has underscored the value of the Woman Representative position saying if well executed, then more women empowerment would be greatly achieved.

Catherine Mukenyang who is vying for the woman Member of Parliament on a Kenya African National Union (KANU) party ticket said her top priority would be to use the position to ensure women in West Pokot exploit their potential for an equitable society. 

She said there were so many women in the county who have the potential of thriving in various sectors of development but lacked adequate support to achieve their dreams. 

“During my tenure, I will make sure that the business women that currently spread their merchandise on various markets in the region have access to modern market stalls. For instance, there are so many women at Makutano market who do their trade along the streets because there are no enough stalls for them,” stated the county speaker. 

She revealed that there were so many women that have formed groups but have not had a chance to benefit from the affirmative action funds available. 

“I will make sure such women groups get more sensitised so as to have access to the government funds. I will spearhead the formation of a women Sacco so that all funds aimed at benefitting women go through the kitty for transparency and accountability purposes,” said the aspirant. 

She argued that the former occupiers of the position have created very little impact towards making residents feel the significance of the seat through the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF). 

“Women should feel the direct impact of this seat that is exclusively for women. I will ensure that what was envisioned in the creation of the woman representative position in our constitution is effectively fulfilled,” said Mukenyang. 

The aspirant maintained that she would integrate the experience she attained a county Assembly Speaker to uphold the spirit of public participation during implementation of any projects under the office of the woman representative. 

“I am a professional nurse and worked for 17 years before being appointed as the County Assembly Speaker. Once a nurse always a nurse and the life of your patient is of priority,” she posed. 

Mukenyang is to face it off with the incumbent Lilian Tomitom who is defending the seat of a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party among other contestants in the August 9, 2022 general election. 


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