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West Pokot residents encouraged to promote safe hygiene and sanitation

KNA    Health County Executive Committee (CEC) Ms Christine Apokoreng encouraged all residents living within West Pokot County to ensure they adopted measures that promote safe hygiene and sanitation in their households as it would help prevent diseases and infections caused by the low quality of health.


This comes as the country prepares to celebrate the Kenya Sanitation Week which is scheduled to be held on August 9 -13, 2021.


Kenya Sanitation Week (KWS) is an annual event that aims at increasing public awareness about sanitation and hygiene and brings together key stakeholders in Water Sanitation and Health (WASH) space, both at the National and County level, including the private sector, media, and the local communities who come together to deliberate on how they could make the national government achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation by the year 2030

“We want to increase awareness on the importance of residents improving the standards of the required hygiene and sanitation in their households,” the West Pokot county CEC stressed.


Ms Apokoreng urged all residents to take an active role in health promotion and diseases prevention in their households and communities as poor environmental health damages livelihoods, inhibits educational opportunities and reduces Kenya’s rate of development in achieving universal health care.


The health CEC encouraged those residences that are still defecating in the bush to stop the bad manners of using the bushes for convenience but should resort to digging pit latrines and toilets where they can ease off as it promotes health and help prevent diseases.


“People should control their environmental health by digging pit latrines where they can relief themselves and stop open defecation in order to keep diseases and infections away,” health CEC emphasized.


West Pokot County health chief officer Linus Loshaliama lauded the health key stakeholders from the government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations for the efforts and resources that have helped improve promote improved hygiene and sanitation in the region.


Loshaliama however further challenges health stakeholders to come up with training and develop action plans that would make people contribute to safe water sanitation and hygiene in their households through making their villages open defecation-free.



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