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Waiguru told to stop politicizing road projects in Gichugu

KNA    Gichugu MP Gichimu Githinji has hit out at Kirinyaga county governor Ann Waiguru for what he terms as politicizing roads projects in his constituency to benefit her political interests.

Speaking on Tuesday in Gichugu, the area MP stated that he has at no point in his term interfered with county affairs and the same should apply to the national government projects he is overseeing.

“There are many national government projects that are being undertaken in my constituency under my watch. I know each and every road project and I can account that many of the roads particularly in Kianyaga are being done by the national government through Kenya Roads Urban Authority (KURA).”

Waiguru has on several occasions accused the area MP of taking undeserved credit from some of the roads being upgraded within the constituency, attributing the work to her influence with the national government.

Gichimu said the governor should concentrate on other challenges facing the residents rather than misleading the people that it is her government doing the roads.

“I challenge Waiguru to provide evidence including documents of fund allocation to prove that she is the one doing the work,” Gichimu told the cheering gathering.

“It is unfortunate that some leaders want to take advantage of others using propaganda and misleading the public, who I believe are well informed of every project going on in the constituency,” Gichimu said.

“I know my responsibilities and I have followed up on the construction of the roads including the upcoming 85 kilometer road that will snake through the entire Gichugu,” he said.

He said the governor should support the development projects initiated by the national government rather than fight him.

“I think as leaders we should support each other and be each other’s comrades. When I do well, pat my back and I will not forget to do so when you accomplish a life-transforming project for the people we serve,” Gichimu said.

He also lauded the government for giving tea farmers a new lease in life through the new tea regulations. He said he would accord his full support to any agenda meant to support farmers fetch a decent pay for their produce.

“Farming is our major economic activity and for any assistance or any bill that is geared towards helping our farmers I will not hesitate to support it,” he said.



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