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Voi Jua kali man declares intention to vie for presidency

A mineral dealer in Taita-Taveta County has declared his candidature for presidency vowing to eradicate corruption and other social ills through strict implementation of the Ten Commandments.

Jared Nzano, 43, will seek the highest office in the land under the aptly named Movement United for Super Action (MUSA) party.

Speaking in Voi on Tuesday while outlining his vision for Kenya, Nzano said he would address historical injustices that most leaders in the past have deliberately avoided.

He argued that the many ills including corruption and embezzlement of public funds were brought by lack of morals which he promised to restore once he takes over the presidency.

“The country is ready for change. It requires firmness that I will bring to leadership,” he said.

Nzano, who is also an official of local Jua kali organization, railed against rules and laws that have a colonial legacy including land-ownership regulations which he said made thousands of poor people squatters in their ancestral land. He vowed to review such laws and introduce better ones.

He also disclosed that his presidency would be different for it would rely on advice from the council of elders who were the custodian of folk wisdom. “The elders have been neglected but they are the custodians of traditional wisdom. They will be central to our leadership,” he noted.

The candidate says that MUSA has over 10 million supporters who were Jua kali sector-registered members. He said that once united, the members had numbers to propel him to the presidency.

He distanced himself from United Democratic Alliance (UDA) saying MUSA was made up of real hustlers; men and women from lowly backgrounds who earned a living from doing small jobs.

“I am the candidate for the real hustlers because I have lived with them all my life,” he said.

MUSA has branches in 25 counties and is planning to open more offices in the remaining 22 counties before April.

Nzano is not new to politics. He had declared his interest in Taita-Taveta gubernatorial post in 2017 under Jubilee but did not make it to the ballot.

Jared Nzano, a miner and Jua kali official in Taita-Taveta County, at his office in Voi town outlining his manifesto.

He was amongst the local leaders who organized a high-profile political rally in 2016 where President Uhuru Kenyatta was crowned a Taita elder.

Nzano joins a long list of politicians who have already declared interest in the seat. They include Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto, Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and the gospel musician Reuben Kigame.


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