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Two more arraigned over the murder of Naroosora ranch treasurer

Two more men have been arraigned before a Narok law court in connection with the murder of Mr. Ita Bulati, Naroosora Ranch group Treasurer in Narok South sub-county.

Kiranjo Kimunjino and Saningo Ole Sale were arrested a week after another suspect Saruni Loonkushu had been arrested in connection with the same incident.

They appeared before Chief Magistrate Samuel Mungai where they were represented by their defense team.

According to the court proceedings, the two men were arrested on suspicions of being involved in killing Mr. Bulati on 26 March 2022.

“The two were arrested on 3 April in connection to the offence,” the Investigating Officer Samuel Ngate said.

The court was told that the first accused Kimunjino is from Sukuroi village in Naroosora area and was nabbed after he had gone to hand over a motorcycle to the owner, which is believed to have ferried the assailants to the scene of the crime during the incident.

The investigating officer told the court that the second accused, Ole Sale was also arrested in connection to the offense as data from Safaricom showed that he was in constant communication with Loonkushu informing him of what was happening on the ground.

He told the court that the two risks absconding court if released on bail or bond since the investigation are complex. He stated that they are needed for further investigations to help retrieve the exhibit used in the commission of the offense.

“We need statements from his friends and relatives and we believe he might interfere with evidence if released before investigations are finished,” he said.

He revealed that their security was also compromised as members of the public are baying for their blood. “Your honor we rescued them from an angry mob before they were about to get lynched,” the IO submitted.

He requested the court to grant him 21 days for more investigations.

The State counsel Sharon Koina noted the IO had compelling reasons to retain the suspects for 21 days until investigations are over.

 “Right to liberty is not an absolute right that can be limited when the limitations have been presented and, in such instances, the constitution provides that non-release of bail or bond,” she said.

The accused lawyer objected to the request stating that the IO started the investigation eight days ago after the first accused was arraigned.

The defense team told the court the first accused was a bodaboda rider who was arrested while delivering the motorbike to the owner and was not informed how his business is linked to the offense.

He added that the second accused was arrested while in his home in Naroosora, eight days after the incident saying at no time did the members of the public try to lynch him.

“On the matter of the accused being required for investigation there is no indication that both have turned down summons to appear to assist, they commit to avail themselves when summoned by the IO’s office,” he told the court.

The CM noted that he has received all the submissions and will give a ruling on this file case on April 6.

Kiranjo Kimunjino and Saningo Ole Sale appearing before Chief Magistrate, Samuel Mungai, at the Narok law courts

The State counsel objected to the claims by the accused defense team confirming that at the time of arrest, the two suspects were rescued by the police from an irate mob who wanted to lynch them.

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