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Two men who stole my laptops stock were spotted eating nappier grass

Robbery had really gone rampant and on another level in our area of business. A week could not end without any shop to have been broken in. this was really a norm of this area despite the security persons assigned to guard various shops in that area.

At times we made conclusion that the security guards were the ones capable of the theft cases that was on a high level in the area. I owned an electronic shop where I sold laptops and other electronic materials that were worth millions of money. I had deployed three guards to look after the shops and so I was sure it was really difficult for some thugs to break into the shops at any particular time since security was another level as the three guards were there on standby

One day I woke up when the shop had really been broken. None of the guards was around and this was just a clear indication that they were the ones that had really planned and accomplished such a dirty mission. When I tried to look on the CCTV footage on what had happened, there was nothing to look at
since they had smeared the whole thing with some oil that really made it a difficult task to record the entire incident. It was such a painful moment for the loan I used to buy the materials had come from a Sacco that I had just joined the last three months. I reported the issue to the relevant authorities.

The police but they did nothing to make sure my property was back since I knew the culprits for they were once my employees as guards at the shop. At some point, the police wanted some bribe so that they could go much deeper in the issue in order to bring the culprits on book but I swore not to bribe them. I even tried to look for dark forces and black magic so that the victims could be brought to book but all was just
in vain.

When I was just sitted by my house thinking my next move, I came through a website where there were testimonials of people who had been helped recover their property that had once been stolen. I called them just to inform them what had happened and so I booked an appointment on when I was to meet them.

After three days I was at their offices readily waiting for attend to me. They assessed me and later gave me some oil that I was to smear in the shop doors. The following day I did that where no one was seeing me. Three days after I had smeared the oil, three men were seen feeding on Napier grass in my compound.

When I went near them, I discovered they were my former guards. They carried some Nappier grass in the sack as they ate. It was a clear indication that Kiwanga doctors things were really working out. One of them directed me where they had hidden the stolen items and we really found everything. I later called Kiwanga doctors to inform them about the progress. The doctors ordered the three man to pay 30,000 each to come back to their normal state.

I reopened my business and from that day my shops have never been broken in to at any particular time. Kiwanga doctors also solve daily life problems such as marriage wrangles, witchcraft related activities among other things that may seem to be ruining your life.

They also treat various diseases like cancer; high blood pressure among others just in a span of three days for their work has been proved to be the best in the East Africa region by many. Do not hesitate to call them when in need.

For consultation Call or WhatsApp on: +254 769404965 / E-mail: or
visit the website

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