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Two governors advocate for protection of devolution

KNA    Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi and his Machakos counterpart Dr. Alfred Mutua have embarked on safeguarding devolution by advocating for timely disbursement of funds from the national government to the counties.

Addressing the media Wednesday, Muriithi said during this era of devolution, the country should enhance its development agenda by ensuring timely disbursement of funds to the counties.

“There has been low absorption of resources at the counties. Going forward, we would like to ensure that counties receive adequate resources to fund various projects,” Muriithi said.

He noted that devolution has facilitated progress at the counties based on the various developmental projects accomplished so far, hence the need for all Kenyans to counter any emerging forces that may want to stifle devolved governance.

“This is the second attempt of reviving devolution in Kenya after a failed effort in the 60s, thus history must not repeat itself,” said Muriithi.

 The governor noted that henceforth, the speed at which the country develops will largely depend on tightening and prioritizing of the devolution model.

On his partDr. Mutua noted that collaborative actions between county leaderships would go a long way in enhancing economies of the devolved units.

“We have resolved to strengthen economic ties to improve exchange of resources and ideas between Laikipia and Machakos counties,” he said.

The Machakos governor added that the country’s future growth depends on the path that devolution takes since it is the only action towards boosting development at the grassroots.

 “The main reason Kenyans do not have money in their pockets is because resources from the national government are not trickling expeditiously to the counties,” Mutua said.

Dr. Mutua lamented that the current tax rates in the country are very high and the government should focus on expanding the economy to lessen the amount deducted on tax.

“It is unfortunate that tax rates are very high in our country such that even mama mboga pays for the little she gets, we should change our mind set to lessen taxation on ordinary Kenyans,” he noted.

The governor reiterated his intentions of running for the presidency in 2022, saying that under the Maendeleo Chap Chap, he will enhance a 24-hour economy that favours holistic growth.

“The derailed funding of the devolved projects paralyzes the economy. When counties are empowered our nation will develop. As an aspiring president, I will ensure that money at the national level trickles to the counties,” said Mutua.

The concept of devolution was initiated in 2010 under the Kenyan constitution, creating a decentralised system of government.



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