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Study reveals risks facing street children in Kisumu


Kisumu Street Children Rehabilitation Consortium (KSCRC) revealed a number of risks that street children are highly exposed to hence endangering their lives following research done in February 2022.


Kisumu County National Council for Population and Development Programme coordinator, Benard Kigen, expressed concern about the children being used as drug peddlers which he said is early exposure to dangerous items.


“These children are used as drug peddlers here in town and this is worrying since that is what exposes them to the drugs and they start using them,” noted Kigen.


The consortium outlined, among others, sexual violence, mob justice, police swoops, and physical violence, as the main risks to the children are exposed to.


“Police Conduct street swoops to remove the children and reduce their population. We are working with the county government and relevant authorities to ensure our children’s rights are upheld as envisioned in the Children Act,” he disclosed.


The children, most of whom spend their nights along the streets, were also prone to malaria since they have no mosquito nets. Prevalence of waterborne diseases was as well high with Cholera and Typhoid taking lead.


According to Philip Nyangara of Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programme (KUAP), HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STI) was on the rise and causing a lot of worries.


This was attributed to unprotected sex and assaults in the streets from their colleagues or strangers who misused them.


Sexual violence was found to be leading to many psychological problems and the police were asked to intervene and help perpetrators.


According to Nyangara, drugs and substance abuse by the children led to permanent damage to internal organs causing them to have ill health at times leading to early deaths.


“The inhalants these children use do maim their body organs and can even cause death. Organs such as kidneys, heart, and brain are highly at risk when they use the drugs,” revealed Nyang’ara.


The children were also said to be vulnerable to physical violence and mob justice. The public was found to be having a negative perception of the children and any disagreements or suspicions would lead to the merciless beating of the children.


“The public has a negative perception. In the last two years we have buried two youths who were killed by the mob,” stated Moses Oyieyo a member of the consortium.


Kisumu Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Hussein Allanson Hussein urged both the consortium and the public to report those doing business with the children and putting their lives in danger.


“You tell us those who are misusing our children in the streets, those assaulting or selling glue to them so that the law takes its course,” stated the DCC.


Losing their cultural identity was another identified risk since they were not being brought up according to the traditions and norms of their various societies.


“We are losing these children to family separations and they are getting off the track of cultural identity. There is a need for alternative family care since in the streets they are learning wrong things through interactions,” added Nyangara.




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