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Stop politicizing development, Nandi County Executive Committee Urged

The Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kilibwoni, Cynthia Muge has called upon Nandi County Department of Roads and Infrastructure to account for the funds allocated to roads maintenance in the ward.

Most of the roads in Kilibwoni ward have continued to be in a pathetic state in the past three years despite allocation of funds every year.

Speaking while giving a presser at the County Assembly premises, Muge said being a representative of Kilibwoni ward, she has explored a number of options in a bid to have the suffering of her people alleviated by the said department but all in vain.

Kilibwon MCA Cynthia Muge while giving a presser on the infrastructure at Nandi County Assembly

The MCA says dire emergencies and need for repairs raised to the department of roads and infrastructure have been made with no concrete answer for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 financial years, adding that there is no indication or assurance from the department that the same problem will not persist.

“We have been extremely patient with the department, but our patience is running out. I have moved motions, sought statements and even written letters to the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Roads and Infrastructure however the communications have never been responded to nor have they been acted upon,” said Muge.

According to the MCA, the only road repairs that was done are the contracted Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) which has seen a total of 15 kilometres within a period of three years notwithstanding the fact that Kilibwoni ward is an expansive ward leaving most of the roads unmaintained, dilapidated and impassable.

She further said the only financial year that the Ward benefited from the County Machinery was 2018/2019 which saw a few roads opened, graded and gravelled despite the fact that the County Assembly allocated millions to fuel the machinery in the four years.

“Whereas the rains have been a hindrance to road construction, the County has witnessed dry seasons where roadworks have continued in other parts of the County except in Kilibwoni ward,” explained Muge.

In the financial year 2018/2019, there was Sh 65,165,628 that was set aside for road works machineries across the County plus an extra Sh 30,000,000 for emergency roadworks and bridges, Sh 20,000,000 for culverts and Capula making units, Sh15,000,000 for bush clearing, Sh20,400,000 for payment of Murram sites, Sh5,000,000 for road reserve demarcation and Sh148,015,000 for hire and lease of equipment.

In the 2019/2020 financial year Sh 45,000,000 was set aside for fuel for road works across the County, sh15,000,000 for culverts and bridges, Sh 10,000,000 for emergency roadworks and bridges.

For the financial year 2020/2021 sh. 30,000,000was allocated for fuel for roadworks in the County, Sh 10,000,000 for culverts and bridges across the County. In the current financial year Sh 60,000,000 was set aside for fuel for roadworks across the county, Sh 15,000,000 for emergency culverts and bridges.

Kilibwoni is largely an agricultural Ward with farmers finding it difficult to transport their farm products especially tea to the respective markets and factories.

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