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Speaker of the National Assembly Woes Nairobi Ahead Of the 2022 Presidential Elections

National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, has said that consultations and public participation are very vital during the presentation of any idea or manifesto as it helps in engaging the public at the grassroots level.

Muturi said the problem facing Kenyans is not the ideas but the lack of implementation.

The Speaker who has declared interest in running for the presidential seat in the forthcoming General Elections said as a leader he will be ready to listen to the citizenry and understand every corner of the nation.

The Speaker was speaking at a Nairobi hotel today during a ‘Consultative Breakfast meeting’ with Nairobi City traders, to discuss their challenges and to see how they can be addressed.

Building on the premise of his sheng’ slogan, ‘Hatutaki Soda Tunataka Order’, which loosely translates to no acceptance of handouts because Kenyans want order in the government, Muturi said it was time for a new breed of leaders to take charge.

He added that during the campaign period, hypocritical and recycled leaders that are allergic to change pop-up feigning re-incarnation to make more empty promises, while lacking a track record to show.

“Some civil servants, especially those in the position of power lack discipline, integrity, and order, while discharging their government duties to the suffering of Kenyans,” said Muturi, as he took a swipe at some government employees for their incompetence and promised to ‘ship’ them out once elected president.

Muturi blamed corruption and lack of accountability by some civil servants as burdening the President because the latter has had to intervene numerous times after the cries of members of the public.

“Let’s all thank and send all leaders from the previous administration home,” he added.

The Speaker further condemned the extra-judicial killings of jobless youths by the police, while urging the Inspector General to quickly implement the public feedback on citizen’s protection and fair treatment.

“As the President, I am going to execute reforms and tackle insecurity in the whole country by turning the police force into a police service,” said Muturi, while reminiscing on the late Minister John Michuki’s track record as a statesman.

 Speaker Muturi noted the importance of informing the institutions of governance and called upon all leaders to stop wrangling and instead focus on reflecting and restoring dignity, integrity and order for the prosperity of the nation. 

During the event, the Speaker listened to the presentations from the representatives of the youth, women, Jua Kali, the Nairobi business community, former Councillors and Mayors, former and current Members of the County Assembly.

The speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi (Center) with Habib Omar, a Nairobi City Businessman and John Ndirangu, a former Nairobi mayor accepting greetings at Serena Hotel where the Speaker declared his bid for the presidency

Those who spoke highlighted the problems facing the residents of Nairobi and urged Muturi to spearhead changes as the next President when he clinches the seat in the forthcoming General Election.

Speaking on behalf of the Nairobi Business Community, Mr Habib Kongo, singled out arson attacks, confiscation of goods by the County Government security and pending unpaid contracts, as some of the challenges facing the business people in Nairobi.

Lawyer Isabel Githinji, a member of the business community, noted that an inter-religious business relationship, is key to propel Nairobi businesses as it will provide an environment of inclusivity and harmony.

The representatives also asked Muturi to focus on the youth as the leaders of today as opposed to the cliché of them being future leaders, demanding that the youth should be considered partners and stakeholders rather than slaves working for leaders.

“The youth want a stable and strong leadership which they can trust to transcend them to greater heights through the process of change,” said Ms. Muthoni Mburu, one of the youth representatives.

Former Nairobi Mayor, John Ndirangu, pledged his support for a Muturi’s presidency and assured the Speaker that Nairobi had a butterfly effect of ‘tell a friend to tell a friend’ and soon his popularity will skyrocket

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