Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Speaker of National Assembly calls for support for his presidential bid

KNA  The speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has called for support for his presidential bid from members of the public terming himself as a responsible leader with a clean record.


SPeaking at ACK St Peters Cathedral, Diocese of Embu in Siakago Mbeere North Sunday Muturi said leaders who have been trusted with leadership for development have caused suffering to wananchi through corruption.


Muturi said it is worrying that residents elect leaders with hope of serving them; however they go on minding their own affairs and forgetting the ordinary mwananchi.


  He further said Kenya’s economic blue pront known as Vision 2030 which was launched by the former president Mwai Kibaki is coming to an end without much achievement due to corruption.


He urged church leaders to hold politicians to account over development because they play a big role in the society in terms of development and it should keep these leaders on toes for development to be achieved.


Mbeere North Member of Parliament Charles Njagangua said that it is time for Mt Kenya East to produce the next president in 2022.


Njagagua noted that leaders from Mt Kenya East will have a meeting soon where they will pronounce Muturi as the political kingpin.


The legislator called upon Mt Kenya West to support Mt Kenya East for the next president for they are capable of producing a presidential candidate.


Members of the County Assembly of Embu from the region who had accompanied the Speaker applauded him for going for the top seat saying that he is capable of leading the nation.

On Saturday at his rural home at Kanyuambora where he had met church leaders, Speaker Muturi declared that he would be running for presidency in 2022.



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