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Short films production lauded for empowering the youth in Machakos

KNA The production of short films by upcoming producers have had a great social-economic impact on the youth, the society and the film industry at large.


Speaking Friday during the launch of the 5th edition of the Machakos Film Festival 2021,the Festival’s Secretary General Victor Muniafu said that Machakos was one of thee counties that have wholly embraced short films production.


Mr. Muniafu noted that Youth empowerment was the backbone of development in any country,

 considering the fact that so many of the youth were  talented in various fields.

“Machakos County is one of the counties that have wholly embraced short films festival for

Several years since 2015,” added Muniafu.


He exuded confidence that many more films are expected to be listed in this year’s festival

 as compared to nine films that contested last year.


“Machakosfest has had an impact in the industry in different ways and those who have been

winning the previous years have been awarded, more films are expected this year,’’ he said.


The Secretary General said they are now calling for entries from talented film producers particularly those

approved by the Kenya Film Classification Board.


Muniafu underscored the need for all participants to remain strong, focused and work their films creatively in

an effort to achieve the Festivity’s mandate.


He disclosed that they were partnering with some online platforms like YouTube to help the film producers

upload all films submitted so that it becomes more beneficial to the participants as they

would  earn money online depending on the number of views and likes they get.


 “We have reached out to different partners like YouTube to help in uploading all films submitted.

We have also partnered with a number of equipment companies including Canon that has agreed to

give us cameras,” he said.


Muniafu further urged the youth to apply for funds from the government’s Youth Enterprise

Development Fund to enable them film without any financial constraints.


MachakosFest short film competition by Machawood was first launched on 17th  June 2015 by Machakos

Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua who promised Sh1 Million for the winners. It is premised on the successful

Australian TropFest festival, which has become a global phenomenon.


In the past years winning teams have always been awarded, with winners walking home with

Sh1,000,000 and Sh500,000 for 1st  runners up , Sh250,000 for 2nd  runners up and Sh100,000 for 3rd  runners up.

‘Indulge Me’ by Ian Githinji won the grand prize in 2015 while in 2016, Vilene Ogutu walked away with Sh1.2million after her film won.




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