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Schools with few students to be closed, Cs Education

KNA    Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has said schools that have a low enrollment of students will be closed in a bid to save government resources.

Magoha noted that there are some schools with so few students, some as low as 12 across all the classes receiving government funding. He said the ministry will from henceforth register schools to avoid such scenarios.

  “We have taken back the authority to register schools from field officers, because you find them registering schools with 12 or nine children,” said Magoha.

However, the CS said the ministry will not close such schools in the North Eastern region due to its vast geographic area.

Magoha also revealed all schools in the country are registered under Geographic Information System (GIS) as a way of eliminating ghost schools.   “The issue of ghost schools shall not exist again,” said Magoha.

Speaking during inspection of South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Wote campus on Monday, Magoha cautioned the universities under the process of restructuring not to target professors for sacking.

 “As we restructure, it’s the professors that define universities. Start with restructuring the non-academic staff,” said Magoha. He confirmed that the campus was now ready to enroll students for learning.

He commended the university for being among the first intuitions to adopt the ongoing restructuring of state corporations as advised by the Treasury.

Other institutions which have restructured include Dedan Kimathi University and the University of Nairobi.




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