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Samples of killer alcohol taken to government chemist for analysis

KNA     Samples of illicit alcohol ‘santa king’ that claimed the life of one person and left eight others hospitalized in Nyahururu have been taken to the government chemist for analysis according to the Nursing Manager at Nyahururu Referral hospital. 


Addressing the press Wilson Gitonga the manager nursing services, said that they could not establish the chemical component of the alcohol that caused the death of one and resulted in eight others being hospitalized due to stomach complications.


“One person was brought here while already dead. We admitted eight patients yesterday; two patients were treated and discharge. Six others are still admitted in the wards and currently are in stable condition awaiting further examination and probably discharge,” said Gitonga. 


Joel Njoroge, one of the survivors, said the bar owner had invited them for a birthday party to celebrate the birth of his new baby, where they were offered alcohol.


“We never drank as much as we do, we just did a bottle each at around 11am only to regain consciousness in hospital at around 8pm,” said Njoroge.


Another survivor identified as Mburu has appealed to the government and well-wishers to come to their rescue and give them sustainable jobs. 


“A stall for business or a bodaboda can help some of us from being idle.  If for example, yesterday I was working I wouldn’t have gotten time to go and drink the poisonous alcohol.  Desperation makes some of us indulge in uncontrolled drinking,” regretted Mburu.


In 2011, Nyahururu was in the spotlight after 11 people died due to consumption of poisonous alcohol dubbed ‘Yokozuna’.



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