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Rongo University Upbeat on Becoming regional ICT Hub

Rongo University stands to immensely benefit from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) if the institution is chosen to be the chair of ICT East Africa Centre for universities.

Speaking at the institution during a mission to assess the facility’s suitability and infrastructure, Vice-Chancellor Prof Samuel Gudu said that the hub will be able to bring together a pool of various universities in East Africa.

He said that if the institution was to be appointed it would market the Kenyan institutions in East Africa.

Gudu noted that the assessment team included officials from universities of Embu, TheAga Khan, Riara, the Ministry of education, and officials from Rwanda who came to do due diligence to see whether Rongo University was ripe to be appointed the regional hub of education in East Africa.

The Vice-Chancellor said that Rongo University education was focusing more on students’ collective skills and talents that aim to concentrate on students’ employability, student entrepreneurship activities, and student leadership skills.

He also acknowledged that the hub will help students in East Africa to be able to interact with other universities by sharing good practices and exchanging ideas.

 He pointed out that the ICT hub will also help to share research and incorporate staff and student exchange programs.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the Information and Technology based courses that the institution was offering will benefit from the ICT hub which is among the programs that the institution was offering.

Chair of Council Rongo University Dr. Rachael Masake was excited that Rongo University was being considered to be the first hub for the East African Universities saying that the hub will link the Kenyan students and the rest of their peers in East Africa through information sharing.

“We want our students to be marketable and entrepreneurial to create positive change and have a productive society,” said Dr. Masake.

She said that university students should not only be receivers but also givers of knowledge to society, adding that the hub will greatly improve idea generation through sharing of information from the ICT hub.

Chair of Rongo University Council Dr. Rachel Masake chairing a meeting during the ongoing assessment of the institution

Dr. Masake explained that in 10 years the hub will create a higher demand for university students.

She also acknowledged that the hub will create an ethical way of gathering and sharing information, especially in academic research areas, noting that the hub will cure the issue of shortcuts that most African countries have been accused of particularly in academic and professional research papers.

Masake further explained that the intention of Rongo University and other universities across the country was to nurture students that are job creators not job seekers through proper training on leadership and entrepreneurship.

“The beauty of this hub is that our institution will be doing it from a pool of universities so that we can learn from each other through knowledge sharing,” said Masake.

The institution will have to wait until the end of September this year to know if they have been selected to be a regional ICT  hub for East African Universities.

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