Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Rev Natasha reaches out to Small Scale Traders

Reverend Lucy Natasha continues to make waves across the city with her social outreach activities.

This week saw the Natasha Hand of Compassion Team reaching out to hundreds of small scale traders by distributing business stand umbrellas, business outfits, food packs for their families and also boosted their businesses with capital.

It was heartwarming seeing traders who have been passionately working to serve the customers but greatly affected by harsh weather conditions such as hot sun or heavy rainfall.

Through coordinating by community based organizations, small scale traders were identified and their businesses empowered. Teaching a man to fish makes it sustainable and with the space for growth.

Rev Natasha has a great passion for uplifting communities and bringing hope to the most vulnerable through her outreach efforts.

Nothing compares to the joy of a family that has been positively touched. This Small Traders outreach program has already reached several hundred business owners within Nairobi constituencies.

Indeed, great leaders see the promised land and take their people there. This is what Rev Natasha is doing one family at a time.



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