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Respect animal rights, residents urged

The Elgeyo Marakwet chief officer in charge of veterinary and livestock Dr. Benson Kibore has called on the national parliament to hasten the passing of the animal welfare bill to address cases of animal rights abuses in the country.

Noting that animals have rights according to the law, Dr. Kibore said the bill will ensure that anyone caught abusing animals receives a deterrent sentence to curb the cases which are on the increase.

This comes in the wake of a man from Biretwo village who went berserk and slashed his eight cows on Sunday leaving six immobile. The CO said the man has already been arrested and will serve as a lesson to others who don’t respect animal’s rights.

Kibore termed the act as immoral, ungodly and barbaric saying even the local culture does not encourage such acts. “You dare touch an animal and you will face the full face of the law. It may be yours but you have no right to attack it,” the CO warned.

One of the animals who was injured by the owner at Biretwo village in Elgeyo Marakwet. The chief officer veterinary and Cooperatives Dr. Benson Kibore has warned against abuse against animals

The CO said they were sending a strong message to members of the public informing them that animals have rights which veterinary officials who are the custodians of the law will ensure are followed to the letter.

He said that domestic animals have always played an important role in contributing and stabilizing the household economy hence the importance of taking care of them.

“During covid, after the economy suffered with many people losing their jobs, most household depended on animals to sustain their livelihood,” Kibore said.



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