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Residents urged to root for transformative leadership


Residents of Kiambu have been urged to make informed choices in the run up to the general polls to ensure that leaders with credible records and free of toxic politics were elected.


  The local Kenya Human Rights Commission representative Moses Gowi urged the electorates to apply critical thinking in picking their preferred candidates who must be peace ambassadors as the country moves into a political frenzy in preparation for forthcoming general election.


He told a sensitization meeting in Kiambu that transformative leaders could turn around the current state of helplessness the residents had surrendered to after their hopes for a promising future was shuttered after they were duped to vote in bad leaders during the previous polls.


 He said the electorates now stood a chance to right their wrongs and rectify the mistakes that have been made previously by electing leaders who were deserving.


Speaking under the umbrella group Angaza movement, which is a stakeholder in the electoral process, Gowi said they will act as an alternative voice in sensitizing the citizens on electoral accountability.


He noted that past leadership were only keen on realizing the personal ego and ambitions at the expense of the electorates who voted them into office.



“This is the only time that the electorates in Kiambu County can be able to make the changes and therefore for those who have not been registered as voters, let them use the extended opportunity given by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to do so before the close of registration on 28th February ongoing at the constituency level”, Gowi said  


He further urged those that have registered to actively participate and ensure they participate in the voting process in August elections


“Your participation in the process is one way of ensuring that there will be transformation in the political leadership that not only Kiambu county needs but also in the country”, he emphasized.


Gowi also called upon the youths to be careful and not to be used by any politician in propagating hate speech, violence and tribalism at this time of campaigning.


 “Let the youth be vigilant and be able to elect leaders with integrity and avoid especially those people who currently have court cases regarding corruption, hate speech and facilitation of violence during election period.


Gowi confirmed that Angaza movement will also take part in ensuring that the rule of law is followed and that leaders with negative cases and bad track record in regard with chapter six of the Kenyan constitution are barred from participating in elections.

Second Left Moses Gowi from the Kenya National Human  Rights  Commission together with members of the Angaza umbrella body during the sensitization  meeting in Kiambu County 


Angaza movement is a consortium of over 18 human rights organizations and grassroots civil rights organizations, working closely with IEBC and Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNCHR).


They are mandated to promote electoral accountability and transform political leadership.


The movement has been going round the country engaging citizens, sensitizing them on free and fair elections.




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