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Residents urged to register as voters in the ongoing IEBC mass registration


Mandera North member of Parliament Bashir Abdullahi has called on residents to register as voters in the ongoing mass voter registration exercise reminding them that it’s their patriotic duty to participate in making the next government.


Addressing leaders and elders from Degodia clan of Mandera county, the legislator requested them to form some teams on the ground for mobilizing the youth and new voters to register.


“This is the last voters registration phase before August general election, we must do everything possible to ensure our people get to register in numbers,” said Abdullahi.


“I want to urge you grassroots leaders and community elders to encourage and support voters registration in your localities as part of intervention to increase numbers that will take part in August polls,” added Abdullahi, further imploring youths to avoid last minute rush.


It has emerged that most youths demand handouts before they register as voters. Elders have also cited lack of National Identification cards and biting drought as some of the causes of low voter registration in the North Eastern County.


Elders said it is not easy to register more voters in the vast county since locals have migrated with the livestock in search of water and pasture.


A spot check around voter registration centers in Mandera East sub county shows a low turnout of voters in almost all registration centers.


The MP also used the opportunity to persuade Degodia clan elders to put their votes in one basket in August general election and embrace unity for bargaining power in the coming election and beyond.


According to Abdullahi, for the clan to have a chance in negotiated democracy, which is highly practiced in the region, they must first unite as a clan. “We have met as Degodia clan and vowed to have our votes in one basket in the coming August polls,” said Abdullahi.

Mandera North Member of Parliament, Bashir Abdullahi, addressing Degodia leaders and clan elders in Mandera East sub county


Negotiated Democracy is a way of checking ethnic polarization and negative political competition that potentially leads to disenfranchisement and conflict in the volatile North-eastern region. It aims at bringing unity among various clans living in the area.




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