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Residents urged to adopt large scale poultry farming to aid in supporting their families

Residents of Maina village in Nyahururu Laikipia County have been urged to adopt large scale poultry farming as a way to generate more income to support their families and improve their living standards.

Felix Githinji, a poultry veterinarian, during a meeting with Maina village residents, said that there is a great necessity for people to adopt large scale poultry farming as a way of generating more income to supplement their other sources of income in order to support their families.

“We are living in a world that requires more resources to support our livelihoods. Therefore, for us to cope up with the situation, it’s our mandate to think beyond our limits and come up with strategies on how to ensure we have enough resources to support ourselves,” he said.

“I urge all of us to consider adopting large scale poultry farming to the best we can because this will aid in complementing the other sources of income we have and this will go way long in helping us cater for our daily needs,” he added.

“A good example is one of us who has hosted us in his homestead because he has greatly done poultry farming and as we can all witness, he is doing very well. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and I have a great belief that if we truly commit ourselves, we as well can get to where he is or even beyond,” said Githinji.

Ferdinand Muriuki, a poultry farmer, said that he started poultry farming as a small scale farmer in 2018 and he has grown his poultry farming step by step targeting the long term benefits and finally got himself doing large scale poultry farming.

“It’s through committing ourselves whole heartedly in what we do that we get victory. We don’t look at the challenges that might face us on the way, rather focus on the long term benefits that will come from our commitments and hard work,” said Muriuki.

“I started poultry farming as a small scale farmer in 2018 and because I knew what I wanted, I kept my mind focused on building my poultry farming step by step. Although I encountered challenges here and there, I never gave up but instead took them as a stepping stone to reach my full potential,” he added.  

“With as little as Shs. 10,000, one can start a very promising poultry farm and with time this will grow drastically to a large-scale farming if you commit yourself to it,” said Muriuki.

Chicken in their coop at Ferdinand Muriuki’s farm in Maina Village, Nyahururu Sub-county

He added that he gets market for his chicken from famous hotels like the Panari Resort and other local hotels and restaurants in Nyahururu town where he sells his fully grown chicken at a price of Sh700.

Jane Waithera, who would like to venture in poultry farming, regretted that the major challenge she faced was the startup capital and thus pleaded with the County government of Laikipia to come up with an initiative of funding those in need of starting small scale poultry farms.

“Poultry farming is a great idea which everyone would be willing to implement but getting the startup capital is a challenge to many, I request the County government of Laikipia to initiate a program of funding people who are willing to venture into poultry farming in order to help them realize their dreams,” said Waithera.

According to a study conducted by FAO in 2020, world meat production is predicted to rise by 2.6 percent to 137 million tonnes due to efforts by consumers to substitute other types of meat such as beef and pork. The report states that there has been growing demand for alternative meats as more populations opt for healthier sources of protein.

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