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Residents seeking services at lands office in Murang’a decry frustrations

KNA    Scores of Murang’a residents have decried poor service delivery at the local lands office citing shortage of members of staff.

Some of the local residents who spoke to the media on Tuesday requested the ministry of lands to increase the number of registrars so as to hasten delivery of services.

The residents said the county office is served by only one registrar considering Murang’a has many cases touching on land issues.

The aged are said to be most affected as they are forced to queue for many hours before they are attended due to shortage of staff.

Kenneth Maguta, a local businessman said he has been visiting the office since 2019 seeking to get title deeds for several parcels of land he had purchased.

He said issues touching on land divisions and transfer of title deeds are the ones mostly delayed, observing that people with plots are unable to develop their plots.

“Am unable to develop my land in Maragua. The delay in issuance of the title deeds has frustrated economic growth of this area. We need assistance from the government which will make operations at the land office faster,” he stated.

Maguta pointed out that shortage of workers at the office has attracted some brokers who are demanding money so as to help those seeking to be served.

“We want action to be taken and make operations in this office smooth. People have suffered, visiting the land office only to go back without being assisted many times,” hye added.

Economic growth in the county, Maguta added, can be boosted if matters to do with land can be handled without much delay.

Gichia Kamau from Mugoiri area told members of the press he has been visiting the office for the last five years to do correction in his title deed.

“Every time I visit the office, I am told my file has not been attended to. I travel to Murang’a once in two months but the moment I get to the land’s office I’m informed to wait,” he narrated.

The residents want the government to intervene and assist them by deploying more officers in the land’s office who will deal with the current backlog.

An officer from the office who sought anonymity said there is a huge backlog since the county has only one registrar.

The member of staff noted that there are many land matters which need to be attended to but the number of officers are few saying the ministry is working out to deploy more registrars.

“Some years back we had four registrars but currently we have only one and the ministry had assured us to deploy more workers and we hope soon the backlog will be dealt with,” the officer further stated.



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