Monday, September 20, 2021
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Residents in Machakos urged to take covid-19 Vaccine

Residents of Machakos County have been urged to focus on getting vaccinated against covid-19 rather than the type of vaccine they get since all are working and safe.

Machakos County Executive Committee Member of Health, (CECM) Dr. Ancent Kituku, while speaking to the media at Machakos Hospital Friday, said that both the new Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines are available for everyone to be vaccinated.

Machakos CEC Member in Charge of Health Dr. Ancent Kitiku he addressed the press outside Machakos level 5 hospital regarding the new moderna vaccine

Kituku said the County has received 30,240 Moderna vaccine doses and encouraged everyone to be vaccinated to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in Machakos and the country at large.

He said they are offering Moderna in only six facilities in the county because it requires special treatment, should be stored in extremely low temperatures and has to be administered within a month.

“We have received 30,240 Moderna vaccine doses which require very low storage temperature and should be administered within 28 days,” said Dr. Kituku.

He added that they currently have over 15,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccine in Machakos and it is being administered in over 50 locations so that everyone gets a chance to be vaccinated.

Kituku explained that in areas where they will be administering both Astrazeneca and Moderna vaccine, they will make sure there are different tents for the vaccine to avoid confusion.

He said both vaccines are working and those who have not been vaccinated can choose either but one is not allowed to receive both.

“We should not mix the two vaccines until further notice by the Ministry of health. The vaccines are both working and one can pick either of them but not both,” insisted Dr. Kituku.

He noted that Covid 19 is still spreading and everyone should mask up, sanitize and avoid crowding even after being vaccinated.

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