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Residents decry high cost of cooking gas

KNA   Nyandarua residents have already started feeling the heat following rise in the cost of cooking gas amid KRA imposing a 16 percent tax.


Before the rise the prices of 6 kg and 13kg gas retailed at Sh900 and Sh2100 which has increased by Sh350 and Sh510 respectively.


Jane Njeri, a resident says she prefers gas over charcoal while cooking as it is non-toxic.


Since the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, residents have been complaining over the rise of cost of living. This has been compounded by the rise of other household commodities like maize flour and cooking oil.


Michael Mugo, a hotel owner in Nyahururu town says he will have to increase the food prices since the cost of refilling his cooking gas cylinders has shot up.


“The only alternative I have is to embark on charcoal or firewood to prepare meals. They are locally available and cheap but measures placed by the government in regard to forest conservation will make them scarce with time. We can’t depend on charcoal or firewood for long,” he said.


He also lamented that some landlords do not permit use of charcoal and firewood in their rented premises



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