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Publicize the Maasai Mara University audit report, Auditor General asked

KNA A section of activists in Narok County wants the office of Auditor General to publicize the audit report for Maasai Mara University from the year 2013 to date.

The activists led by Raphael Ole Maleto of Civil Society, said the report will help to resolve wrangles witnessed at the institution since the media exposed a mega corruption scandal at the university in a programme famed ‘Mara Heist’.

Ole Maleto observed that the Auditor General was better placed to reveal to the public how much money was lost, who signed the cheques and how the money was withdrawn from the bank accounts.

He reiterated that since the exposé in the year 2019, there has been a lot of politicking at the university that has destabilized the operations at the institutions because of self-centered politicians.

“Currently what we are seeing are cartels inside and outside the university who want to bring the university down. We want to be told who is right and who is wrong,” said Ole Maleto.

He asked the Maa community to support the university, as it is the only public university in their region, so that the number of students can increase to over 50, 000 and the number of faculties increase in number.

 “This university is bigger than the whistle blower, the Vice Chancellor or any single individual because they will one day leave but the university will remain,” said the activist.

Jack Turkola, a member of the Maa Professionals organization said what has been witnessed at the institution is wrangles between who is right and who is wrong.

The community cannot afford to lose its heritage because of few individuals, he said, calling on the auditor general to give a public report on the university finances.

The report, he said, will help tame cartels whom he alleged work day and night to see the downfall of the university.

“We know there are cartels who are working very hard to see Maasai Mara university go down. We need to see the student’s population rising to 50,000 and faculties increasing because it is the only university in Maa Land,” said Turkola.

Narok East Dairy Cooperative Union Chairman Jacob Ole Lempaka said the Maasai Mara University Council should be given ample time to develop the university.

 “We want our university to be expanded to have many branches that will cater for different faculties so that our children can benefit. We ask the media to tilt the university positively so as to avoid scaring potential investors,” he said.



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