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Protests continue rocking UDA nominations in Embu

Protests continue to rock The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party primaries in Embu with a section of Members of the County Assembly (MCA) aspirants who lost claiming that the nominations were shambolic and a far from the free, fair, verifiable and credible process they had been promised.

The aspirants drawn from various wards across the County alleged that the nominations were marred with immense irregularities, including pre-determined results, rigging, voter bribery and ballot stuffing.

Speaking in Embu Town, the aspirants claimed that there was a plan to rig-in some “preferred” candidates from the onset as Returning and Presiding Officers as well as clerks, were drawn from supporters of the said favorite aspirants.

“We had been promised that the positions would be advertised and sourced from the Party Headquarters on merit, but what transpired during nominations was manipulation of the whole process by the already compromised poll officials,” said Runjenyes Central Ward aspirant, Engineer Steve Njiru.

He continued that polling materials arrived late in some of the polling stations with some as late as 5 pm, but ironically, they recorded exceedingly more votes than those that opened early.

“The polling stations that got more than 3, 000 votes received materials as late as 3 pm, with some of those that received their materials as early 9 am ending up with a few as 200 votes,” Njiru claimed, saying this was a calculated move to deny votes to contestants they did not desire.

They further alleged that in some areas including Runyenjes Constituency, voters were being bribed openly on the voting queues, to sway them to vote for certain candidates.

“Area MP disbursed CDF vehicles to aid bribery of voters against the Elections and Public Ethics Act,” Ruguru/Gandori Ward aspirant, David Njeru, sensationally claimed.

He further said security was not offered in various polling stations as hired goons took over to create tension and disrupt the process, in a bid to allow manipulation of the polls outcome.

The aspirants said they are being slapped with hefty charges by the Party for their petitions to be considered.

A section of Embu UDA Members of the County Assembly (MCA)  aspirants who lost during nominations.

They have petitioned the Party Leader, Deputy President William Ruto, to reign on the matter to avoid fallout, noting that the Party was on its deathbed in the County and required urgent attention.

They said that if no action was taken in a weeks’ time with regard to their misgivings, they would be forced to reconsider their support for UDA.


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