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Police in Murang’a recover stolen cows

KNA   Police in Murang’a  have  managed to recover six cows which were stolen from a farmer in Kamigua Village of Maragua Sub County.

The officers were on patrol at dawn on Thursday when they spotted the cows being driven by unknown people along a feeder road in Shamma area.

The suspects escaped under cover of darkness leaving the cows which were driven by the officers to offices of deputy county commissioner at Kenol.

Lucas Mwangi reported at Kenol police station at around 6am that his cows were stolen from his farm.

The incident followed a similar one on Monday night in Maragua area where two cows that had been stolen were recovered and two suspects arrested.

Murang’a south Deputy Police Commander Alexander Shikondi said the recovery is a great breakthrough and will help in curbing livestock theft in the area.

 Speaking to members of the  press, Shikondi said the police who were on patrol tried to follow the suspects but they were unable to trace them.

“The suspects took off after they saw torch lights approaching at dawn. We suspect they were awaiting a vehicle to drive away the animals to their market,” said Shikondi. The animals were positively identified by the owner.

Three years ago,   a gang using a truck stole nine hybrid heifers from a farm in Makuyu which were traced using a digital technology in a hideout in Gatanga days after.

Shikondi divulged that cooperation between the locals and the police assisted the recovery of the livestock adding that the DCI team was on the ground looking for the suspects.



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