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Plans to revive Jubilee Party underway, says MP

Kieni Member of Parliament, Kanini Kega has refuted claims that the Jubilee Party was dead saying that plans to revive it were underway.

Speaking to the press at Gitero Primary School in  Kieni , Nyeri County yesterday, Kega said the party was still alive and  running its activities and currently ranked  second in terms of membership.

“Jubilee Party is still on. It’s still the ruling party and if you go to the Registrar of political Parties, you will find that it is number two in terms of membership capacity,” the MP said.

Kega also said the party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC) that was postponed in December will be held soon.

“The Jubilee party plans to hold the NDC that was postponed late last year. We are waiting for the Political Parties Amendment Bill that is before Parliament to go through for us to hold the NDC. If this Bill is passed, it will play a very vital role in reviving the Jubilee party,” Kega said.

He supported the Political Parties Amendment Bill saying he had no doubt it will sail through once tabled before the Senate.

“I am glad that the Political Parties Amendment Bill has passed through in the National Assembly and it will now be tabled before the Senate where it will go through a similar process. I have no doubt that it will sail through with no challenges like we encountered in the National Assembly. I am sure by the end of the month, the Bill will be before the President for him to sign it into law,” he exuded confidence.

Kieni MP Kanini Kega addressing the press in Kieni, Nyeri County

Kega termed the Bill a good piece of legislation which will enable even the small parties to keep their identity and have a say despite merging with bigger political parties.

“This Bill is crucial. It will help the small boys (small political parties) to have a say among the big boys (big political parties). This Bill will ensure in case a coalition will be formed, there will be equity and fairness by allowing the smaller parties to keep their identity,” Kega stated.

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