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Places of worship should not be blamed for spread of Covid-19, says Sheikh


KNA Sheikh Ali Mohammed Yusuf of Jamia Mosque in Migori town has urged the government to be considerate when closing down Churches, Mosques and other places of worship in future once the lockdown curfew ends on the 31st of July.


Speaking to the media at the Jamia Mosque grounds, Migori County, Sheikh Ali highlighted that Mosques, Churches and other worshipping places were not hubs of spreading Covid-19.


“We are not blaming the government for closing the mosques or churches. We are just cautioning them to reconsider how they are treating the churches and mosques, during disease spike” stated Sheikh Yusuf.


Sheikh Ali stated that schools, businesses and other social places such as hotels have been allowed to operate and people were freely mingling while worshipping areas were banned from congregating.


He said that worshipping places were not a breeding ground for Covid-19. He noted that worshipping places only open once a week, unlike other places where events were done on a daily basis.


The Sheikh said that the government should rethink on banning all worship places once the lockdown ends. Religious leaders are the most disciplined individuals who can adhere to any measures that the government sets.


Sheikh Yusuf also stressed that the social distance guidelines, sanitization and mask-wearing were the perfect precautions to ensure the reduction of Covid 19 spread but not necessarily the closure of worship places.


He said that when the government opened schools and other social places, the social distance was emphasized. The Sheikh acknowledged that worship places can adhere to this guideline just the way they did when the lockdown was temporally uplifted.


Sheikh Yusuf, noted that it does not only mean that Covid-19 chooses worship places to spread. He observed that this is where the government is going wrong by banning the worship places.


He stated that the mosque and any other worshipping places are meant to receive God’s protection and blessings.


 The Sheikh highlighted that as much as the country is doing preventive measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, Muslims and Christians should not leave behind their faith.


He said that everything is in the hands of God and Allah, therefore, people should not deny themselves the assured protection that providence of God.


Sheikh Yusuf noted that politicians should not be allowed to go around the country, campaigning every day while the same government had closed churches because of Covid-19.


 The Sheikh pointed out that political rallies were spreading the pandemic much faster and asked the government to crack the whip on those engaging in early campaigns.


            He observed that if the churches and mosques cannot be allowed to take their own course then the nation will have failed to protect the freedom of religious faiths of its citizens.


On the issue of the state of the economy, the Sheikh noted that the harsh economic times have forced many Muslims not to celebrate the Idd-Ul-Adha.


He said that many businesses have been severely affected, making it hard for the majority to celebrate with their loved ones.


The Sheikh urged Kenyans to observe all the precautions and guidelines that have been set by the government to arrest the spread of Covid-19 and also put faith in God for everything is possible when believe in Him.




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