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Panic as locals spot disastrous fall armyworms in their farms

Farmers in Manyonyi Sub-Location, Lugari Sub-County, are in panic following the presence of the disastrous fall armyworms in their area.

The local residents who have their crops germinating after the recent heavy rains are now asking the government to supply them with necessary armyworms killer chemicals as soon as possible to protect their crop.

Jackton Okwemba and Festo Achiloma farmers in Manyonyi location told KNA that they were shocked when they woke-up in the morning to the presence of the worms in their farms.

Achiloma expressed fear that he will not afford to replant his maize farm if the worms destroy his crops.

“I fear that we will enter into great loses with the presence of theses worms in our area,” Achiloma said.

Achiloma said that the disastrous worms were also consuming grass meant for their animals.

“I am worried that these worms are consuming anything green and now our cattle may not survive if National and County Governments do not intervene,” Achiloma added.

According to the Sub-County Agriculture Officer, Wasike Kakai, the Department’s officers had moved into action and were assisting the farmers to control the disastrous worms from spreading to other areas.

Kaikai said his Crop Protection field officers were on high alert and ready to work with farmers once the worms are spotted anywhere within Lugari Sub-County.

Fall Armyworms spotted in Munyuki Sub-Location, Lugari Sub-County

Last week National Government, Plant Protection Division visited Lugari County sensitizing Sub- County officials on how to control spread of Fall Armyworm once they were spotted anywhere in the County.

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