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Over 276,000 Huduma cards received in Makueni County

At least 208,517 out of 276,247 huduma cards have been collected by the residents in Makueni County, Makueni County Commissioner (CC) Maalim Mohammed has disclosed.

Speaking to the media in his Wote Office Friday, Mohammed said that 67,732 cards were yet to be collected from the various distribution centres in the County.

 “This is 75percent  and we want to do better than this. I urge wananchi to come out in large numbers and collect the cards as it will hasten delivery of services to the residents,” said Mohammed.

Makueni County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed speaks to the media in his Wote office

The collection of the huduma cards per Sub-county is as follows; Mbooni West 25,707, Makueni 30,692, Kilungu 8,450, Kibwezi 27,263 and Mukaa 25,876.

Other sub-counties’ collection tally are; Kathozweni 15,480, Mbooni East 22,166, Makindu 3,242, Nzaui- 28,925 and Huduma Centre 10,716.

Administrator noted that the Huduma cards received at Huduma Centre were for residents coming from across the County.

Consequently, he ordered the over 28,000 cards uncollected at Huduma Centre be distributed to the various sub- counties, where the residents lived.

Mohammed said that before the cards are distributed to the sub- counties, they are scanned and record left behind, adding that already 3,000 cards have been distributed.

“I have already had a meeting with the Deputy County Commissioners (DCC), Registrar of Persons and Huduma Centre Managers on how to distribute the cards. The uncollected cards will be dispatched to Sub-counties for distribution by Chiefs and their Assistants,” he said.

Mohammed said that the village elders would be engaged in identifying the card owners, under the supervision of Chiefs and their Assistants in their areas of jurisdiction.

At the same time, Mohammed said that the DCCs would give reports of all uncollected cards from other sub-counties that might have been sent there by mistake, so as the owners could be traced.

He further revealed that Chiefs and their Assistants would work on Saturdays and Sundays, where they were expected to visit churches and distribute the Huduma cards to the owners.

“We have already agreed with Chiefs and their Assistants that they will visit places of worship and give the cards to the owners. I laud them for their dedication in delivering services to wananchi in their area,” said Mohammed.

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