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Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company locked over rent arrears

KNA    Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company is on the spot again after its offices were locked on Monday barring entry into the premises.



The Water and Sewerage Company supplies water to residents of Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, Matasia and Ngong township. This is the second time in a span of one month that the water company has had its doors locked due to unpaid rent arrears.



The closure of the offices poses a great challenge to area residents who have in the recent past been faced with constant interruption and severe water shortages because of regular disconnection of electricity by Kenya Power & Lighting (KPLC) over unpaid bills.


The landlord had initially locked the premises on July 5th demanding to be paid his rent arrears. The water and sewerage company had failed to pay rent for two years and had accrued rent arrears of close to Sh. 2 million. They were allowed entry into the offices on payment of Sh. 400,000 and a commitment to pay the balance.


Hundreds of residents including schools and businesses have been grappling with water shortages because of the unreliable and inconsistent water supply by Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company.


Unscrupulous vendors in areas like Ongata Rongai have been taking advantage of the situation to sell water at exorbitant prices.



There has been an outcry from residents relying on the supplier over the dire situation on the ground. Kevin Mwangi, a resident of Ongata Rongai, said that Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company has failed members of the public in its mandate of provision of clean water.



“There is something wrong with this Company. The water supply is always interrupted because of unpaid bills and yet we the consumers are billed and pay every month yet we do not get water. Recently Kenya Power disconnected electricity supply because of unpaid bills,” he said.



The County Government has on occasion had to bail out the Water Company by paying its accumulated debts. Frequent complaints from residents resulted in appointment of new board members, but the water crisis still persists. Dickson Ntikoisa was appointed as Managing Director of the troubled water company.



Governor Joseph Ole Lenku had directed the Company to review and restructure its internal systems and stop forthwith the regular disconnection of electricity over unpaid bills, citing that reliable supply of water is not negotiable.



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