Thursday, September 16, 2021
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BBI funds should be refunded, Ndindi Nyoro says

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has told proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to return the money that was used in the whole process.

Ndindi said after the court of appeal verdict which quashed the process of amending the constitution through BBI, the public money which was used in the whole process including litigation fees need to be returned to support various public projects.

He said the court declared that the process was a private initiative thus money that was used from public coffers can be said to have been misappropriated.

“I will move a motion in the national assembly seeking to compel individuals who were supporting the BBI and who authorized utilization of public funds to return Kenyans’ money,” said Nyoro at St. James Cathedral in Murang’a on Saturday.

Ndindi noted that there is nothing wrong with the current constitution saying the challenge is with leadership which needs to be changed in the next general elections.

“BBI was private and was not for the benefit of Kenyans but just a few individuals. I stand with our judges for doing their work without being intimidated by any force,” he uttered.

On Friday, the court of appeal upheld the High court ruling which halted the constitution amendment which was advocated through BBI.

Ndindi accused a section of leaders who were supporting the BBI saying it was against the majority of Kenyans’ interest.

Kiharu-MP-NDINDI-Nyoro-telling-press-money -used-in-the-BBI-Process-should-be-returned
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro speaking to members of the press on Saturday

He said any attempt by a section of MPs to seek amendment of the constitution through parliamentary bills will not succeed.

“We know there are some legislators who are planning on how to amend some sections of the constitution through parliament and I promise them that this will not succeed,” said Ndindi.

The legislator observed that Kenyans are united saying those using the BBI as a tool of unity are just wasting Kenyans’ time as there is no law amendment that can happen before the next general elections.

“BBI was to add burden to Kenyans. The country is overrepresented and thus there was no need to create more positions leaving Kenyans with a heavy load on footing big salaries,” he stated.

Ndindi who was an ally of Deputy President William Ruto, faulted leaders from the central region who supported BBI saying the move was meant to bring opposition leaders in the government through a back door.

“Those from this region who are trying to support opposition chief Raila Odinga are deemed to fail. This region is fully behind Ruto in the next elections,” he added.

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