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Nyeri residents unite to stop drug abuse and theft

KNA    It is emerging that some bar owners in informal settlement areas of Nyeri town have resorted to hawking alcoholic drinks to beat the Covid-19 restrictions.


Desperate to eke a living and maintain their customer base, owners of the bars, mostly situated in the dingly parts of the sprawling informal areas are now hawking their merchandise to beat the stringent measures put up by the government to stem the increasing cases of Covid-19 infections.


In Kanyinya area in Kimathi location of Nyeri County, one of the areas hard hit by the illicit trade, residents have in a bid to contain the menace given out the names of culprits to the local administration but claim no action has been taken.


“Some of those involved in this trade were licensed bar owners whose establishments were closed after the government announced Covid-19 containment measures,” said Ms. Florence Gichuki, a resident of the area.


The residents worried of the impact of the illegal trade especially to the local unemployed youths, now want the government to take decisive action and apprehend the illicit traders.


Gichuki claimed that drug and substance abuse among the youths was on the rise and was contributing to increasing cases of muggings and petty thefts being witnessed in the area.


She said idle youths were engaging in social vices including stealing household goods in a bid to sustain their drinking and drug taking habits.


The residents who recently engaged local national government administration officers expressed concern that some of the youths have been reduced to zombies, incapable of even taking care of themselves owing to the social vices.


They averred that although on numerous cases they have volunteered the names of the culprits to the police, no tangible action has been taken.


While at a consultative meeting recently, the residents gave out names of the suspected well known alcoholic drinks vendors and drug peddlers to the area chief Francis Wagiri, who assured them that appropriate action would be taken



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