Thursday, June 30, 2022
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NG-CDF spend Sh 7.1 million on improvement of school facilities

KNA   Kitui Central National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has spent Sh 7.1 million on improvement of learning facilities in schools in the Constituency during last financial year.   


The area Member of Parliament, Dr. Makali Mulu, noted that the Funds were used to renovate classrooms and construction of laboratories in several schools in the Constituency.


The Kitui Central Legislator while, commissioning a fully equipped laboratory in Ithiiani Secondary School in Kyangwithya West Ward in his constituency yesterday challenged learners to utilize the facility, making use of all the available resources and teachers for a good performance in their education.


“I do advise all the students to make use of this facility to expand their practical knowledge on matters of science subject as well make use of your teachers whenever assistance is needed because we need good results and can only be realized upon proper utilization of the available resources and materials,” said Makali.


He further said that other learning institutions that benefited from the funds included Ndumoni, Kwa-Kunuvwa and Mulutu Secondary Schools in Kyangwithya West Ward, had their classrooms renovated.


He underscored that education is the only way for development as well a way to reduce poverty in the community and challenged local parents to take education seriously for a better future for their children.


“Conducive learning environment is key to every learner as it psychologically settles the mind giving comfort thus prompting me to renovate the classes in an attempt to create it,” he noted.


He also warned members of his Constituency not to elect corrupt leaders in the highly anticipated 2022 General Elections.


“I plead with you my people, do not be seduced by the corrupt leaders in our society who have squandered funds meant for development, abused office and have significantly failed in their mandate to serve you with dignity. It is now time to correct the mistakes of 2017. I request you to vote wisely and peacefully because elections will come to pass but your neighbours will remain,” he added.



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