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Newly elected boda boda Association officials warn politicians

KNA   Newly elected Narok township boda bada Association Chairman Gideon Lemayian Punyua has warned politicians that they will no longer use the sector for their own selfish interest.

Punyua who spoke at William Ole Ntimama stadium after he was declared the winner in the hotly contested elections, said his first assignment would be to sensitize members to ensure they are not vulnerable to misuse by politicians as has happened in the past.

            “This time round, I want to empower bodaboda operators Association members so that they will not be lured by politicians with cheap money only to be dumped afterwards. I want my members to make wise decisions that will help this sector to grow,” said Punyua.

He reiterated that he was ready to work with all members including those who did not vote for him to grow the key sector, mostly consisting of young people who have other dependents.

“I am aware that Narok is a cosmopolitan area and all communities live in this county. I will accommodate everyone so that we can boost our sector together,” he said.

Punyua garnered 314 votes beating his closest rival Jonathan Napaso who managed 285 votes.

The elections were conducted by the Social Services department under tight security and attracted 616 voters out of the 2,313 registered boda boda operators.

The Narok County Director of Social Services David Kosgei who made the announcement acknowledged the race was very tight with only a 29votes margin but appreciated the voters for being peaceful and orderly.

Nick Pareyio who was elected as the association coordinator said the new team will work with the county and National governments to help easily channel members’ grievances.

“Currently we need shades and parking for the motorists. We will push the county government to install shades for us because of the erratic weather conditions,” he said.

He asked the boda boda operators to respect themselves so that they can win trust from members of the public who are their customers.

“We need to build a good name. Let people know us for the good things we do for them and not because of criminal related cases,” reiterated the coordinator.



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