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New road to open up remote areas of West Pokot

KNA   The ongoing tarmacking of Chepareria-Centre Kwanza-Chepkopegh-Kabombo-Tamugh-Chepnyal road has elicited excitement among residents living in the remote areas of Kipkomo and West Pokot sub counties.


Residents interviewed by KNA said they have not had tarmacked roads before, which made their movement to and from the county headquarters in Kapenguria very difficult.


They stated that up to now boda boda has remained the preferred mode of transport because of poor infrastructure that has discouraged investors in the matatu industry to venture in the area.


One of the residents, Jackson Loripo lauded the national government for initiating the process of upgrading of the key road into bitumen standards.


 Loripo said residents were fully impressed with the ongoing works, where sections of the road have already been tarmacked, even as the contractor remains active on the site.


Meanwhile, area residents who predominantly rely on livestock rearing have over the years reaped low returns from the venture owing to the existing poor state of the road which discouraged traders from getting deep into the interior to buy their animals on competitive prices.


 “We have been forced to dispose of our goats, sheep and cattle at very low prices, since only a few buyers risk getting to our local markets because of the poor road network and the rugged terrains. But now, once tarmacking of this road is completed, the region will be an economic hub for the county,” said Loripo with a beaming smile.


Besides livestock farming, the area popularly known as Sook also enjoys beautiful sceneries with its hills that make it a viable tourism attraction site.


 Another resident, William Namuk adds that the road will unearth the hidden treasures within the region, thus exposing the residents to modern living standards.


Namuk said were it not for the introduction of boda bodas years back, Sook area would still be completely cut off from other parts that enjoy better essential services like health.


Namuk noted that tarmacking of this particular road is a landmark development project by the national government for the region since independence.


He added, “Farmers would sometimes be cut off from accessing the biggest livestock market in Chepareria during rainy seasons because of the swollen seasonal rivers, but now with the ongoing road construction modern bridges are being erected.”



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