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Mysterious fire haunts Lugari family

KNA  A family in Panpaper village, Lugari Sub-county is distressed with perpetual mysterious fires that have continued to sink them into poverty since April this year.


Esther Amunga, when she spoke to the press, Friday, said her family cannot understand the cause of fire which has always destroyed property worth hundreds of thousands since it first struck in April.


“We first thought it was caused by an electric fault, but even after disconnecting power from the house and shop, this fire has continued to haunt us,” Amunga said.


The fire starts as soon as Amunga and her husband are out on other duties leaving only their children at home.  



 “I am always outside home with my husband doing other duties when this fire strikes to consume our property in our house,” she revealed.


She said Thursday’s fire consumed their main house property, but it was put off by the neighbours, few minutes later it began burning their sons property inside his house which again neighbours contained.


Amunga and her husband who are preachers at Panpaper African Ministry of Healing, said they are seeking Gods guidance through prayer to unveil the mystery behind the disastrous fire in their family.


Her husband Thomas did not have enough energy to talk to the press, following Thursday’s inferno but also reiterated that the level of fire destruction was unbearable to his family.


He, however, appealed for help from well-wishers because fire had destroyed much of property in different times during the last four months.


Their neighbor, Sophia Tito, said she helped put off the mysterious fire in her neighbours house four times.


Sophia said the alarm from children in her fire-troubled neighbour’s house has always notified her to mobilize the villagers and bodaboda riders to put off the inferno.


“I am shocked with the recurring fires in my neighbours’ house. This is unique and will need deeper understanding of these happenings,” she said.



Villagers also expressed their dilemma over unusual disastrous fire in the house of their village member. They called on those who may have a solution to visit their village and help Amungas.



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