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My husband slept with my best friend , I once busted him

We were married 15 years and living together with John. He was a teacher at the same school taught mathematics. He was a religion teacher. We had made out things official back in 2010 when we did our wedding so everyone knew we were married plus the wedding rings we wore each day.

John was a committed man and more a religious person; no one would suspect he would do anything suspicious. We were blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.

The boy’s name was Alfred while Bridget was the girl child. Even though Alfred was the first born, Bridget seemed to be sharper than her brother slightly. She knew to switch on an off TV set, open my laptop and insert passwords.

At school, she was always the first in her class. Alfred was fair so I could not complain that much. Since we were a social family, we had a variety of friends who would visit at our
place frequently. Some came for consultancy since despite I being a teacher, I was a business advisor. So
frequently I would have people at our home since I did not have a permanent office.

Some were cute than i was, some were wealthy and some came for various reasons maybe they were husband snatchers.

As time went by, my husband’s behavior started changing as he would at times seize eating by our house and he would even prefer to by the café. This really shocked me as I had done everything to impress as a
woman. Maybe he had a different taste somewhere which confused him.

One weekend I was visited by a
client Valerie who had a café in town. She wanted to expand her business and so wanted to seek some advice from me since I was a guru in this. My husband was at home when she arrived. I went to prepare some tea for the visitor as always done according to our African culture, no visitor should go hungry.

When I came back with tea I found the atmosphere had changed. My hubby and Valerie were looking
each other with some romantic eyes. I pretended not to know what was going on.

I served the tea and surprisingly, my hubby demanded that he was to serve Valerie. I did not bother much so I let it because he had demanded. After we had finished tea it was now my turn for usual business. What surprised me was that Valerie kept on looking at my hubby. Both of them had phones on their lap maybe they had exchanged phone numbers and were communicating issues I did not know

I realized Valerie was not
concentrating and so I asked her a question. She wrongly answered a clear indication there was something fishy going on. She later paid for the
consultancy session and left. We started arguing with my hubby why he behaved in such a way but he
also appeared aggressive telling me I was jealous and just suspicious for nothing.

One from school I decided to pass by Valerie’s café in town just to try and ask her if my advice really worked. When I reached there I found my husband’s vehicle packed by the parking slot of the café.

Since the windows were tilted, you would not see who actually was inside. So I assumed maybe he was in
the café having some evening tea. I decided to go inside the café to find whether he was available in there
but all was in vein. I told myself maybe he had gone to the gents or something.

When I asked the waiters if
they had seen him they said no one like him was at that place. I was really suspecting something fishy was going on. Firstly Valerie was not in the café and secondly my husband vehicle was in the park yard and he too was not at the café. So really where could they be
hiding? And what would they be doing? So I decided to let it go. But when I was just about to go, I saw
the vehicle a bit shaking. When I moved around I heard noises of someone who is likely jovial and really enjoying. It was my husband having sex with Valerie. I almost fainted. I broke all the vehicles windows.

Valerie and my hubby ran so fast. Valerie had a lingerie which exhibited all her goodies while my husband had a torn underwear I don’t know what torn it but that was all. I went home sad. My husband did not come home for a week. As I was reading some newspaper articles by the website I came I saw a website

The website gave all the guidelines on
solving family issues so I contacted them and I was given an appointment at their offices at Kericho. So the next morning I headed at Kericho. I was attended by Kiwanga Doctors and promised me everything was in order.

When I came back home I met my husband sited by the couch. I really busted into tears. He was playing with our kids. When he saw me he too he broke down tears to show regret.

Kiwanga Doctors had really done their thing. From that day my hubby has never cheated. We lived happily.

We got other two kids. I opened consultancy office by the town. I really thank Kiwanga Doctors.

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