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Muturi promises financial independence to County Public Service Boards

The Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has promised the House’s support in ensuring County Public Service Boards gain financial independence.

Speaking during a closing ceremony of the County Public Service Boards Consultative forum, Muturi underscored the importance of independence by the County Public Service Boards in ensuring efficient service delivery to the public.

“It is prudent that County Public Service Boards gain financial autonomy from the County Executive which is critical for the effective discharge of their mandate. This is critical in averting situations where the boards get manipulated by the county executive who cripples their ability to execute their mandate,” he said.

The leadership of the CPSB has called for the House support in passing of the Bill that guarantees the Boards of financial independence.

The Bill has not yet been presented to the House as it is still in the Senate, but Speaker Muturi promised to pass the Bill to save the Boards from being sabotaged by the County Executive.

Muturi said the Bill is prudent in ensuring that the CPBS remain neutral in executing their mandate and it will mirror the Public Service Board at the national level.

“We are aware that lack of autonomy leaves the boards at the mercy of the County Executives thus compromising their capacity in serving members of the public with integrity and fairness. Public service must be a complete dedication to the people and the nation,” added Muturi.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi addressing delegates during the closing ceremony of the County public service board consultative meeting at the Travellers Hotel, Mombasa

Catherine Omweno, chairperson of the County Public Service board forums, called for the same grading of the positions in the county government just as those in the national government.

Omweno said that a number of functions addressed to the boards are devolved and since county governments are now managing some of the largest numbers of workers, position grades are lower in line with the scope of the mandate allocated to the boards.

“If we want devolution to work it can be achieved through a strong skilled workforce who also requires being motivated so as to remain working to the counties,” she said.

She noted that terms and sources of employment are not favorable to the counties; unlike to the national government, there are cases where staff ends up moving from the counties to similar positions to the national government.

“The focus should be building capacity in the counties to make them attractive enough where employees will see their career progressions in the counties.

Omweno called for equal grading of positions in both the county and national governments since devolution is now in its tenth year.

“We are engaging the Salaries and remuneration Commission and other stakeholders to see that these issues are addressed so that we build strong institutions to be able to give good services to the people,” she noted.

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