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Muturi downplays Raila’s Sh. 6, 000 monthly stipend

Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, has dismissed ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s promise to give a monthly stipend to unemployed youth.

Speaking at ACK Kongoini Church in Kiharu on Sunday, Muturi in reference to the presidential candidate’s promise to offer Sh 6,000 to the jobless young people, said the proposal would not be a practical way of fighting poverty.

“In Mt. Kenya people do not believe in being given money for free, tell them the truth, that even that money will be from their taxes,” added Muturi.

The Speaker, who has declared his intention to vie for the presidency, said what Kenyans need are sound economic policies, rather than a culture of handouts, which would perpetuate poverty rather than eradicate it.

Meanwhile, Muturi maintained that Mount Kenya region is poised to produce another President come 2022.

He told those who have been implying that the region should not produce a presidential candidate in the next General Elections that the central region is not tired of the country’s top leadership.

“Let no one mislead Kenyans that Mt. Kenya region cannot produce the next president because no one deserves that top seat more than others,” he stated.

The Speaker urged residents from the larger Mount Kenya region, to unite behind a leader who will consider their interests, saying they should be careful not to fall into the wrong hands.

He asked Kenyans to support his presidential bid promising to revive the economy and enhance good governance.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, speaking at ACK Kongoini Church of Kiharu, Murang’a

Muturi promised that his would be a government that would largely tap youth talents, saying being the majority of the Kenyan population, they deserve to be given the chance to exploit their capabilities.

“The first government of Jomo Kenyatta was very successful because he brought on board youthful ministers and other government officials,” he observed.

The Speaker further encouraged young people to enlist as voters and make sure they participate in the elections, saying this will help in voting out bad leaders. He also urged them to vie for various elective posts, instead of waiting to be nominated.

Muturi further called upon legislators to tackle the issue of high energy cost urgently, saying expensive fuel prices are oppressing investors and the common person.

“We have to try everything to lower the cost of power in this country, so that investors can do business profitably,” he remarked.

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