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Muslims religious and political leaders call for peace and unity ahead of 2022 General Election

KNA   Former Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hamad Kassim on Wednesday led thousands of Muslims in calling for peaceful coexistence among Kenyans, as the country heads towards next year’s General Election.

Sheikh Kassim, spoke shortly after leading special Eid-al-Adha prayers at the Ronald Ngala Primary School in Mombasa, where he urged Kenyans to shun politicians bent on polarizing the country.

“Kenyans should unite irrespective of their religious and ethnic differences, and ensure peace prevails throughout the electioneering period. They should not allow politicians to divide them,” added Sheikh Kassim.

Sheikh Kassim urged Kenyans to reject divisive politics and elect leaders capable of steering the nation towards prosperity.

He added “It is barbaric for anyone to divide Kenyans along their ethnic lines. We all know tribal politics is a recipe for violence and instability as witnessed in Rwanda and other countries.”

Incumbent Chief Kadhi, Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar also addressed the faithful before the prayers, and used the occasion to call on Kenyans to coexist in peace and unity for the country to make meaningful progress.

Sheikh Ahmed urged the faithful who will sacrifice animals during the festival to consider sharing with the poor and their neighbours.

The Mombasa Senator, Mohamed Faki, Mvita MP, Abdulswamad Nassir and Mombasa politician Suleiman Shahbal, who also attended the Eid prayers echoed similar sentiments.

Mr. Faki cautioned Kenyans against being divided on the basis of political parties’ differences and ethnicity.

“The country is gearing towards elections and it is upon every one of us to preach peace and unity and ensure the country remains united for us and the future generation,” he remarked.

Mr. Nassir called upon Muslims to pray for the country to overcome the current Covid-19 pandemic.

“On an occasion like this one, we should pray for peace and unity of our country to also overcome the current coronavirus challenges,” he added.

Mr Shahbal said the country is faced with challenges arising from the pandemic, including loss of jobs and scarce opportunities.

“We are in difficult times. Many have lost jobs and it’s upon every one of us to find ways of helping those affected,” added Mr. Shahbal.   



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