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Muhoroni Farmers Seek for Help to Venture into Large Scale Farming

Farmers in Muhoroni Sub County in Kisumu have come out to lament over the lack of funding that has posed challenges in the development of the agricultural sector in the area.

The poor funding that has bedeviled the farmers has frustrated their efforts to scale up their agricultural activities of growing various types of farm produce.

At the same time, the farmers have expressed concern over lack of market for their produce which has made them sell their yields at a throwaway price.

Led by Thomas Isaiah, a member of the ‘Gari’ group of farmers involved in growing cash crops they pleaded with the County government of Kisumu to support them financially.

The farmers who are dependent on One Acre Fund and other groups for loans say that due to the low harvest, their sales cannot support their needs and at the same time pay back the loans.

“Yes one-acre fund is very helpful, but the issue is we cannot pay the loans due to high interests and low income from our side,’’ said Isaiah.

Boaz Ochieng’, a farmer of maize and watermelons, said they have not been able to access funds provided by the government due to lack of information from relevant authorities.

He has encouraged the government to provide grants to small scale farmers who cannot pay high interest loans from agricultural organizations.

He reiterated that the funds could be beneficial to them in their quest to practice large scale farming that would help them compete effectively in the market.

However, he has urged the government to help watermelon farmers find a market for their produce as it is hard to sell in the local market.

Most farmers in the region have shunned away from practicing mixed crop farming in fear of going at a loss due to market unavailability.

A woman ploughing her farm in Kisumu County

Ochieng’ further lauded agricultural officers who have been training them on better farming and supporting them with seeds.

The farmers who now depend on One-Acre-Fund for fertilizers and farm machinery have urged the government to come to their aid to ensure food security in the region.

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