Monday, July 4, 2022
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MP wants youth to remain focused

KNA Kabondo Kasipul MP Eve Obara has urged the youths in her constituency to focus and work hard in the daily economic activities they are involved in.

Obara said if the youth were to remain focused in their daily economic ventures and stop depending on handouts from politicians, they would finally achieve their dreams in life and be able to fend for their families.

“We all started from humble beginnings before reaching where we are today,” she said.

The MP who addressed the youth on her way to meet a group of ODM party grassroots leaders in the wards told young people there was nothing for free saying it’s only through hard work that they will be able to make it in life.

At the same time, the MP urged the youth to organize themselves in groups so that they can seek funding from the government and engage in meaningful economic activities aimed at transforming their lives.

When the MP met with ODM grassroots leaders in Kojwach, Kakello Kokwanyo and Kabondo West wards in her constituency, she called on local leaders to start intense mobilization for people to register as ODM party members in readiness for the 2022 general elections.



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