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MP opposes Ministry’s move to merge examination centres

KNA  Tigania West MP Dr John Mutunga wants the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to rescind June 11 directive that requires schools with less than 40 candidates to register them in neighbouring centres.


 According to the MP, the directive is retrogressive as it will adversely affect many candidates especially those from schools within arid and semi-arid areas.


Addressing the media in his constituency Monday, Mutunga said the decision to raise the number of candidates in an exam centre amounts to formulation of a public policy, which calls for full public participation as demanded in Article 10 of the Constitution.


“This is a vital decision to make unilaterally. Piloting should have been conducted first before forcing head teachers to implement it,” said Dr Mutunga, adding that if implemented the move would leave many candidates confused, thus affecting their final academic performance.


He noted that schools in rural parts of the country are far apart, while others are in insecure regions, hence merging the centres may endanger both learners and teachers.


Mutunga said the earlier direction where KNEC had directed that any school with between five and 14 candidates should be hosted by another centre, which was to be determined by their respective sub-county directors of education should stand.

 “This habit by the ministry of education to make hurried decisions unilaterally should come to an end because by the end of the day it will ruin the education sector. The budget for administering examinations has not changed and therefore I don’t see any reasons to bring such a decision now,” he said.


The MP said the directive should be shelved until next year to give teachers enough time to organise their schools on the same.


The decision has also been opposed by headteachers who say that it will bring confusion, as thousands of schools have less than 40 candidates scheduled to sit the 2021 KCPE and KCSE examinations.


A circular from the council required all sub-county directors of education to submit a list of host examination centres and the institutions to be used for the 2021 KCPE and KCSE exams by August 15.



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