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Meru youth fight for their political visibility

KNA  Young people supporting Meru County Governor Kiraitu Murungi have launched a lobby group dubbed, King’ang’i Movement, aimed at reclaiming their future political visibility in the county government.


The movement derives its name from the Kimeru translation of ‘crocodile’ and was coined from a previous response that Kiraitu gave to his critics who sought to know what he had actually done on the ground and the reason he had gone quiet about his future political endeavours, to which the governor in his characteristic witty style answered ‘the crocodile was still in the water’.


Addressing journalists during the official launch of the movement in Antubetwe Kiongo Monday, the group’s chairperson Mervin Kimathi encouraged young people to venture into politics in order to fight for their space in the coming political dispensation.


Kimathi said their active participation in elective seats will prove their political interest and this will automatically attract support from the local leaders and beyond.


“We are calling on young people to wake up and participate in the ongoing political activities in the county and Kenya at large. This is the only way to make them recognisable by other leaders,” he said.


The chairperson said the coming together of young people in the county was a clear message to all leaders that the youth should no longer be taken for granted.


“We have seen young people being used by politicians in campaigns only to be dumped when the big fish assume office and this is what we want to stand against,” said Kimathi.

 The Meru governor is one of the leaders who has promised to mentor the youth by including them in his government so that they can take over from him after he retires from active politics.

Kiraitu has also on several occasions challenged the youth to work harder for this noble cause, noting that nothing good comes for free.


For you to be in these offices, you must commit yourselves and work harder. This is the only way you can get the results that you desire,” he said.

The governor has also promised to uplift the future of the young people in the county through economic empowerment programmes, considering that majority of them were adversely affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


“I know young people working in various sectors have been ruined by the pandemic and in this regard, we will be setting aside some allocations to empower the youth,” added Kiraitu



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